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In the extremely fast-paced crypto industry, curation is valuable.

The WAGMI Journal provides you with a quick 5 minutes daily recap on everything that happened in the digital asset space in the past 24 hours - written by Marco Manoppo.

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On a serious note, here’s a brief bio about myself:

I'm a young professional in the digital asset space with interests in asset management, venture, strategy, global macro, world events, and life musings. The purpose of this publication is to document my own thinking, journey, and learning experience while also hopefully providing value for others.

Why is your curation useful?

Although I’m not an established crypto fund manager with a massive Twitter following, I like to think that I have a decent background to claim that I know a thing or two about the digital asset space.

I've worked (and currently work) for:

  • An angel investor who's an LP at multiple blockchain/crypto funds

  • A crypto hedge fund with $100M AUM

  • A leading crypto market data provider

You can find more about my professional background here.

-Thank you for reading, We All Gonna Make It

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