Crypto Is the Tallest Hill - The WAGMI Journal #24

Don't climb the wrong hill.

In today’s issue:

The crypto market is relatively flat with the global crypto market cap still sitting slightly above $2.7 trillion. BTC fell under $60,000 while SAND continued its rally. In other news, Gemini exchange raised $400M at a $7B valuation, OpenSea is reportedly getting offered a $10B valuation, and Fidelity launches Canada’s first institutional BTC custody service.

During market downturns, those who work in crypto tend to have doubts even if one has been in the game for years. Earlier today, I saw Chris Dixon’s post from more than a decade ago regarding climbing the wrong hill; and I can’t be more bullish on crypto.

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- Curated by Marco Manoppo (@manoppomarco)

📰Market News

⎆Gemini Raises $400M at a $7 Billion Valuation

Winklevoss-twin-led Gemini exchange has raised $400M which valued the company at approximately $7 billion. Led by Morgan Creek Digital, other crypto-focused venture funds such as ParaFi Capital and others will join the round; reportedly, the twins will retain 75% ownership.

⎆OpenSea Offered a $10 Billion Valuation from Investors

The Information reported that the most popular NFT marketplace, OpenSea, has received lucrative offers from investors that can potentially 6x its valuation to $10 billion. That said, OpenSea did not initiative any fundraising round since it just received $100M at a $1.5 billion valuation in a Series B round just four months ago.

⎆Fidelity Launches Canada’s First Institutional BTC Custody Service

As one of the oldest players from traditional finance that ventured early into crypto, Fidelity is expanding its offerings up in Canada, starting with an institutional-focused BTC custody service. Crypto-related products in Canada such as ETFs and ETPs have been using US-based custodians; this move by Fidelity plans to change that and inspire more institutional investors to invest directly in BTC.

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👨🏻‍💻Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

🏛Governance - Active Proposals

  • Ampleforth - ACCP 4: Add Tellor to provide AMPL/USD and USPCE

🦮NFT & Metaverse

  • Investors Offer OpenSea $10B Valuation in New Round

  • Post Malone Features Bayc NFTS in New Music Video With the Weeknd

  • Tom Brady’s Autograph Platform Goes Retro With 8-Bit Simone Biles NFTs

  • Xbox Head Phil Spencer is Skeptical About NFTs in Video Games

  • ConstitutionDAO Raises $27M on Eve of Sotheby’s Auction

  • Boson Protocol Seeks to Blend Physical and Digital Marketplaces in the Metaverse

  • Nifty News: YGG partners With 8 P2E games, Ice Cube and Quiznos drop NFTs

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📈Deal Flow & Capital Raise

⚖️Regulatory Update

  • US Congressmen Introduce Bill to Modify Crypto Tax Provision in Infrastructure Law

  • Fed Governor Objects to US Treasury Push to Reserve Stablecoin Issuance for Banks

  • Fidelity Gets Approved As Canada’s First Bitcoin Custodian

  • SEC Reportedly Looking Into BlockFi’s Crypto Yield Products

  • ECB Sounds Alarm Over Linkages Between Stablecoins and Conventional Financial Markets

  • Canadian Police Arrest Teen for Allegedly Stealing $36M in Crypto

  • RBA Steps Up CBDC Research

  • Indian Central Bank May Pilot Test CBDC in 2022

  • Argentina to Tax Crypto Exchanges

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