Bitcoin Taproot Upgrade - The WAGMI Journal #21

The most significant upgrade to the Bitcoin network in a while.

In today’s issue:

The crypto market is slightly up with the global crypto market cap sitting above $3 trillion. BTC had a choppy weekend price action while ETH was relatively more stable. In other news, the Bitcoin Taproot upgrade was activated over the weekend, the SEC wants to enforce its subpoena against Terraform Labs, and Two Sigma continues its crypto hiring spree.

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- Curated by Marco Manoppo (@manoppomarco)

📰Market News

⎆Bitcoin Taproot Upgrade Activated

In essence, this upgrade changes the Bitcoin signature from ECDSA to Schnorr and aims to provide developers with more tools to iterate and build on Bitcoin, potentially integrating features that can improve privacy and scalability on the network. The upgrade was successfully conducted on Sunday, November 14 at 5:15 UTC at block 709,632.

⎆SEC Wants to Enforce Subpoena Against Terraform Labs

In a press statement, the SEC seeks a court order to enforce its subpoena against Terraform Labs, compelling Do Kwon (Terraform Labs founder) and Terraform to “comply with investigative subpoenas for documents and testimony.” — Do Kwon was previously served by the SEC during the Mainnet conference in September and the rumor was confirmed when Terraform Labs filed a lawsuit against the SEC. Given that Terraform Labs is not based in the US, the outcome of this case will set a precedent on the SEC’s reach over non-US crypto projects.

⎆Two Sigma Seeks Crypto Operations Manager

The famous quant-focused hedge fund is continuing its venture into the crypto space. Previously, the firm has backed crypto projects via its venture capital arm and joined the Pyth Network as a data provider. This new hire seeks an operation person to help build out the firm’s crypto trading business, ranging from trade reconciliations to settlement, reporting, P&L, and many more. Unsurprisingly, we’re seeing more and more traditional finance giants entering the crypto market.

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👨🏻‍💻Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

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📈Deal Flow & Capital Raise

⚖️Regulatory Update

  • SEC Asks Court to Enforce Subpoena Against Crypto Startup Terraform Labs

  • VanEck’s Bitcoin ETF A No-Go As SEC Rejects Proposal

  • Indian Government to Take ‘Progressive’ Steps on Crypto, Sources Say After PM Modi’s Meeting

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