$8.5B in BTC Repayment Plan - The WAGMI Journal #23

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The crypto market is flat with the global crypto market cap still sitting above $2.7 trillion. The Sandbox (SAND) is one of the few larger market cap tokens that generated a significant return in the past 24h — its Alpha will be launched on November 29, 2021. In other news, Mt. Gox creditors are finalizing the repayment plan, Crypto.com announced its massive $700M deal, and the CFTC released the Digital Commodities Exchange Act.

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📰Market News

⎆Mt. Gox Repayment Plan

Mt. Gox, one of the largest crypto exchanges from the 2014 era, is continuing its long-running saga as creditors of the now-defunct exchange are finalizing a plan that to reimburse its old users. When this plan eventually passes, there will be approximately 141,686 BTC ($8 billion ++) to be distributed. Having said that, see below:

⎆Crypto.com $700M Staples Center Naming Rights

Perhaps following in the footsteps of FTX, the Singapore-based exchange announced that it has secured the naming rights to the Staples Center for $700M. The deal will also welcome the Lakers as Crypto.com’s partners. As a push to garner more users, we’ve seen crypto exchanges sponsoring sports and eSports-related entities; which is a smart move as the target audiences are generally in a similar cohort, young and digital natives.

⎆CFTC Released the Digital Commodities Exchange Act

Congressman Glen Thompson has released the Digital Commodities Exchange Act (DCEA) which would establish a voluntary regulatory regime for crypto exchanges under the CFTC. The bill would establish a new regulatory regime for crypto exchanges at the CFTC. Currently, spot markets have no federal regulator in the U.S., though that is a contentious subject. We’ve also been seeing both the SEC and CFTC actively trying to create frameworks and arguing to have more jurisdiction over the crypto market.

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👨🏻‍💻Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

  • Injective Protocol Launches Mainnet, $120M Incentive Program

  • 0L Aims To Revive Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency With Fair Launch

  • Sablier Finance Deploys Payroll Streaming to Polygon and BSC

  • Polygon Launches a zk-STARK Scaling Solution for DApp Deployment

  • Iota Foundation to Launch Staging Network and Reward Token

  • Saddle Finance Announces SDL Token Airdrop

  • IoTeX ‘MachineFi’ Rebrand Backs 200%+ Rally to a New All-time High

  • Deloitte, Ava Labs Link Up in Bid to Streamline Natural Disaster Reimbursements

🏛Governance - Active Proposals

  • Elyfi - NAP5: Request for verification of ABToken

  • Idle - IIP-16: Upgrade PriceOracle to support new compSupplySpeeds

🦮NFT & Metaverse

  • Sandbox Metaverse Alpha Launches Nov. 29 After Four Years in Development

  • Quentin Tarantino Sued by Miramax Over Pulp Fiction NFTs

  • Supply Chain Meets NFTs in New Offering From Enterprise OG MultiChain

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⚖️Regulatory Update

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